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# sass-spritemaker
Convert a bunch of PNGs to a Sass spritemap.
## Installation
sass-spritemaker requires **Node 6.9.0 or later**.
npm install --save-dev @bthlabs/sass-spritemaker
This assumes that youre using [npm](http://npmjs.com/) package manager.
sass-spritemaker supports [yarn](https://yarnpkg.com/), too.
## Usage example
The following JavaScript code demonstrates the most common usage of the
const {spritemaker} = require('../lib/spritemaker.js');
files: ['./icons/*.png'],
output: './output/'
## API
### `spritemaker(options)`
This is the main entrypoint of the library. The *options* argument is an object
that specifies the function's behaviour.
**Options object fields**:
* `fields` - array of globs that will be resolved to construct input files
list. Defaults to `[]`.
* `output` - path to output directory. Defaults to `sprite/`.
* `urlPrefix` - URL prefix for background image URLs. Defaults to `/`.
## Development
To bootstrap the development environment, clone the repo and run `npm install`
from the root directory.
The `package.json` file provides the following scripts:
* `lint` - performs an eslint run over the source code,
* `test` - performs a single test run.
## Contributing
If you think you found a bug or want to send a patch, feel free to contact
me through e-mail.
If you're sending a patch, make sure it passes eslint checks and is tested.
## Author
sass-spritemaker is developed by [Tomek Wójcik](https://www.bthlabs.pl/).
## License
sass-spritemaker is licensed under the MIT License.