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This is a "screensaver" program written in AMOS Pro 2.0.


Years ago (around 2006) I got an extra winter break assignment for my programming classes - write a DOS graphics mode screensaver in Turbo Pascal. That code has since been lost, unfortunately.

During Christmas break 2020, I was working on putting my Amiga 1200 back together and needed a way to put her through her paces to ensure her stability. I settled for an AMOS Pro 2.0 programming recreating that lost program to the best of my recollection.

It took me around 8h to write the program on my Amiga. I last touched AMOS Pro 2.0 over 20o years ago, so I needed some time get used to it again. Also, programming graphics on Amiga (or any other system for that matter) isn't my usual glass of beer, so I had to experiment to make things work (kinda) like I wanted them to. It's not like you can find an answer to Why the hell double buffering doesn't work in AMOS? on Stack Overflow in 2020 ;). I got it working, had some fun with it and gave my Miggy a good shakedown.

I tested the program on my machine (AGA, 68030 @ 25MHz, 128MB Fast RAM) and on emulated bare Amiga 500 (OCS, 68000 @ 7MHz, 0.5MB Chip RAM). It works, so I declare it done.

Live Demo

You can see the program running on an emulated Amiga 500 here.

Contents of this repository:

  • ScreenSaver.adf - a bootable ADF that launches the program from the startup-sequence. Ready for writing to a floppy (or a Gotek flash drive) or using in an emulator.
  • ScreenSaver.AMOS - AMOS Pro 2.0 source file.
  • ScreenSaver.AMOS.txt - TXT printout AMOS Pro 2.0 source file.
  • ScreenSaver.exe - the compiled program. Ready to run from CLI.


If you think you found a bug or want to send a patch, feel free to contact me through e-mail.


ScreenSaver is developed by Tomek Wójcik.


ScreenSaver is licensed under the MIT License.