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Desk clock for your Raspberry Pi.
PieTime lets you turn your Raspberry Pi into a desk clock. It's written in
Python using PyGame framework.
PieTime comes with three modules that allow displaying the clock, weather and
set of pictures. These modules (also known as *cards*) are highly configurable,
so you can tweak them to better suit your needs.
Additionally, an API is provided for users who wish to write their own cards.
Read on for an example of a card.
With PieTime you can:
* Choose any of the three builtin cards.
* Configure display aspects (e.g. text color) of the cards.
* Define card visibility intervals.
* Set up screen blanking period for power saving.
* Use the card API to create your own cards.
Author, License and Attributions
PieTime has been created and is developed by
`Tomek Wójcik <https://www.bthlabs.pl/>`_.
PieTime is licensed under the MIT License.
PieTime uses the following 3rd party code and resources:
* Open Sans font by Steve Matteson, (Apache License, Version 2.0),
* Linea Weather 1.0 font by Dario Ferrando (CC BY 4.0),
* PT Mono font by Paratype (SIL OFL, Version 1.1).